• Registered users should click the “Mumbai suburban season ticket” link provided on the home page and then log in using their userid and password.
  • New users have to click the "New users sign up " link available on the login page of and fill the registration form.The customer once registered for normal ticket booking will be automatically registered for Mumbai suburban season ticket.
  • Existing users need to log in once for normal ticket booking and their profile will be updated for Mumbai Suburban Season ticket / Tourism Products.
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  • Fill  in the details like Source / Destination , Class , Type.
  • A maximum of three different source stations and three different destination stations can be opted at a time.
  • Use “HELP” option for any help required to book tickets.
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  • Fill in the Details like Passenger Name, ID Card No etc.
  • Select the route if multiple routes are shown.
  • Take utmost care while filling the Identity card number during the booking process.If the Identity card number printed on the Season ticket of the passenger does not match the number of the original Identity card carried by the passenger, he/she will be treated as passenger traveling without ticket and dealt with accordingly.
  • Choose the Place of Delivery like Home, Office, Other.
  • Delivery of season Tickets through courier is limited to postal addresses covered by the pin codes listed under the link Places of Delivery.
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  • The ticket details,fare, including the service charge, appear on the screen, along with the payment option.
  • Click on the button "Make Payment" and a pop-up window will give the list of payment options. Please choose one of the mode of payment.
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  • Once your payment is authorised the ticket booking will be processed and you will see the confirmation of your booking as follows.
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  • You are requested to note down the transaction ID and STR number displayed on this page for future reference.
  • Tickets will be delivered, to the shipping address that you have chosen on the reservation form.
  • If you are not available to collect the ticket, you may authorize any person to receive the ticket on your behalf. Person receiving the ticket should produce an authorisation letter to receive the ticket on your behalf and also, should mention the STR Number and Transaction ID to the courier.
  • If, for any reason, the reservation does not materialise, the entire amount debited from your credit card account will be credited back to your card account. If you want to try for the same reservation again, it will be treated as a fresh booking.
  • After pressing the “Buy” button, if the “Ticket reservation page” is not displayed due to power failure or Internet link failure, please click the “Transaction History” menu on the left side of the screen. This page contains all the details of the tickets booked by you. If the reservation desired by you finds a place in the above page, you can note down the transaction id, STR and other details. This page will display these cases highlighted along with successful booking details. Customer can exercise the CHECK STR STATUS option available to know the status of the ticket and if ticket is not booked can retry booking by clicking the "Book my Season ticket" button. The tickets will be delivered as desired by you. You are also advised to check your e-mail or contact IRCTC, if necessary.
  • If you require to book another ticket, click "BOOK MY SEASON TICKET” and you will be taken again to "SEASON TICKET BOOKING" page.