Features of Internet Tickets
S.no Questions E-Tickets
1. Max No of passengers allowed per ticket? 6 for General Tickets and 4 for Tatkal tickets.
2. Can Wait listed tickets booked? Yes
3. Can RAC tickets booked ? Yes
4. Can Confirmed tickets booked ? Yes
5. Max time limit upto which tickets can be booked ? Upto chart preparation.
6. Is name change permissible ? No, facility to change passengers name is not available on IRCTC website. However, Name can be changed at Railway counters as per extant Railway rules.
7. Is Journey Alterations permissible ? No
8. Is Change of boarding point permissible ? Yes, facility to change boarding point is available on IRCTC website.
9. Can cancellation be done across counters ? No
10. Can both Credit card and debit card be used for booking ? Yes, all payment options viz. Credit cards, Debit cards, Net banking, Wallets and Multiple payment service etc. are available on Make Payment Page.
11. Can Partial Cancellation be done before charting ? Yes
12. Is ID Proof Required for Booking ? No at the time of booking but required during train journey.
13. Authority to Travel Electronic Reservation Slip - printed in standard stationery/VRM/SMS sent by IRCTC along with the original ID of one of the passenger traveling on a PNR.
14. Booking Hours 12.20 am to 11.45 pm.
15. Max no of Bookings per month ? 6
* By verifying IRCTC user Id and one of the travelling passenger with their corresponding Aadhaar, 12 bookings can be made per month.
16. Can Concessional tickets be booked ? Yes, Senior Citizen Concession, Divyaang Concession and Journalist Concessions are allowed on booking tickets on IRCTC as per extant Railway rules.
17. Can Tatkal be booked ? Yes
18. What are the Quotas that can be booked ? General, Ladies, Sr. Citizen, Divyaang, Tatkal, Premium Tatkal Quota
19. How to Locate the tickets ? Go to MY ACCOUNT > My Transactions > Booked Ticket History